Current version of Task Planner - 1.2.

Task Planner is a SQL Server based client-server application created to help employers and workers organize and complete large projects while simultaneously providing users with important statistics regarding the efficiency and time management skills of the user.

Users may choose to install Task Planner in multiple ways. In the first method of installation, the Administrative Server & database are installed on a remote company computer, while the Task Planner client is installed on employee machines. The second method of installation includes installing the database onto a server in a local network of computers, and installing the client program onto surrounding workstations. The last method of installation involves using Task Planner as a personal guide for individual work.

Task Planner works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Within the program, tasks may be created and deleted, provided with detailed descriptions, and assigned priorities. After logging onto the Task Planner server through the client program, users have the option of selecting a project from an updated list of all available uncompleted assignments. Next, users will be able to select a task to work on from a list of all uncompleted tasks. Once they have made a choice, users will click a ‘Start’ button to notify the application that they have begun work. Task Planner will minimize to the system tray and in no way will the program impede the usability of the system. Through the system tray, users can also ‘Pause’ Task Planner when they wish to take a break, or choose ‘Finish’ to notify Task Planner that they are finished working on a specific task.

Task Planner also allows Administrators to view available users, current projects, and project statistics. Administrators can add and remove users, modify user information, and allow/deny a user’s access to a project. Administrators can also create, delete, and modify projects through the application.

Task Planner provides users with a Statistics section, which can easily be viewed, filtered by type (by user, project, status, priority, etc.), exported to Microsoft Excel, or printed.

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