Task Planner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Task Planner

I’ve downloaded TaskPlanner.zip file. How should I install it?
This zip archive contains two setup files, TaskPlannerAdministrator_setup.exe and TaskPlannerClient_setup.exe. If you want to use Task Planner just on one machine, you should install TaskPlannerAdministrator_setup.exe first on this machine and then install TaskPlannerClient_setup.exe. If you want to use Task Planner in the network, you should install TaskPlannerAdministrator_setup.exe on server and TaskPlannerClient_setup.exe on all the machines where you would like to use Task Planner.
While installing Task Planner, it asks to enter Server name and way of authentication. What should I do?
If you want to use Task Planner just on one machine with SQL Server Express installed, the best way is to enter .\SQLEXPRESS as Server Name and to use Windows Authentication. This will work in most cases. If you are working in the network with Task Planner Administrator installed on server, you will need to enter your actual server name and user name/password for SQL Authentication (please consult your network admin).
I’ve installed Task Planner Administrator successfully and it launches for the first time. It asks me to Create Administrator. What information should I enter?
Creating Administrator account is simple but you can’t continue working without doing this. You need to enter Login and Password (which will be used later for logging in), also First Name and Last Name for reference. After creating Administrator account you will be able to see it on Users tab of Task Planner Administrator window.
How many users can I create in Task Planner Administrator?
You can create as many administrator and user accounts as necessary through Users tab. You can edit existing accounts or delete them.
How should I work with Projects tab in Task Planner Administrator?
Project is the main entity in Task Planner. All tasks users work with are assigned to one of the projects. Only administrator may create, edit or delete projects. You should start from adding a new project and entering its name and description. To allow a user see/create tasks in project you should select this project and press Manage Project Access button.
What information is available on Statistics tab in Task Planner Administrator?
On Statistics tab you will be able to see statistics for all tasks or for specific tasks. You may print this statistics or export it to Excel.
While installing Task Planner Client, I am asked to enter Server Name and way of authentication. What should I enter here?
If you are installing Task Planner Administrator and Client on one machine, you should enter exactly the same what you’ve entered during Task Planner Administrator installation. If not, please consult administrator of your network or the person who installed Task Planner Administrator on server.
What should I start working with Task Planner Client from?
After logging in, you will see the list of available projects. You should create a list of tasks for each project. When it is done, you can minimize Task Planner to tray. When you are starting to work at a task, you should select this task and press Start. When you’ve finished the task, you should select this task and press Finish.
How is duration of task calculated?
When you start task first, the duration is 0 seconds. Each time when you press Pause, the value equal to last Pause Time minus last Start Time is added to duration.
How can I sort my tasks in Task Planner Client?
You can sort the tasks by most of the columns - it is very convenient. Please try to sort by Name, Start Time, Pause Time, Finish Time, Duration, Priority, Status, Date Created.