Disc Collection current version - 2.8

Disc Collection is a user-friendly cataloguing application for home multimedia collections. It is compatible with all versions of Windows - from Windows 10 to Windows XP.

Use Disc Collection to store and manage the contents of your home collections on your computer. Add CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray movies, games, and books to the program. Create notes for each item in a collection, or apply notes to the collection itself. Disc Collection supports multiple audio and video formats, giving you the option to extract format-specific information from many of the items in your collection.

The Disc Collection interface is fully customizable, and the program itself is extremely configurable. Users are given numerous options that give them control over how the program operates. For example, users may add or delete entertainment categories, and enable or disable auto-saving features as needed.

Managing an entertainment collection is virtually impossible without a powerful search engine, and Disc Collection has such a search engine built-in. Users can easily find any game, movie, book, etc. within their multimedia collection using a Basic search (based on file size or date), or an Advanced search (based on file format).

Disc Collection automatically checks for updates, and these updates will be easy to download and install.

With Disc Collection you can easily create HTML reports about your multimedia collections contents.

Learn more about Disc Collection - read Disc Collection FAQ.