Disc Collection FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Disc Collection

How can I add a new disc to Disc Collection?
There are several ways to add a new disc. You can select Edit->Add Disc in main menu and choose the disc for adding to multimedia collection. Or you can select Add Disc option from context menu in Navigation View (left part of main window). Also you can use hot key combination Ctrl+Shift+C to add disc.
What information is stored for each disc?
Label, serial number, size, date of adding to multimedia collection, number of files and folders are stored for each disc. Also information about each file and folder of disc is stored in database.
Can I maintain several multimedia collections in one program?
Yes, you can create any number of multimedia collections in one copy of Disc Collection. To switch to another multimedia collection, you need just to create or open this collection.
Can I store films or mp3 files from my hard drive in Disc Collection along with CD and DVD discs?
Yes, sure, you can store information about any files or folders from your drives as well as information about your discs.
Is Disc Collection able to extract mp3 tags information?
Yes, the program extracts all information from mp3 files as well as from other audio formats (including lossless formats).
I have a lot of discs and I often can’t find the one I need. How can Disc Collection help me?
Disc Collection helps to search discs in your multimedia collection through its powerful search. You can search discs, files and folders by name, size, dates and also by video, audio, pictures special parameters.
Does it takes long to add new disc to multimedia collection?
This operation takes less than a minute and it is very simple. You need only to select Add Disc from menu, then select the disc you would like to add, choose the name of disc and select storage where you would like to add the disc.
What information is stored in Disc Collection about photos and images?
Width, height, vertical and horizontal resolution and information about colors.
There are several standard categories in Disc Collection: Data, Music, Films and Pictures. Can I add my own categories as well?
Yes, sure, it is simple to create/rename/delete your own custom categories. Just go to Options->Categories tab and you can simply manage your categories and file extensions within each category.