Wallpaper Updater FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Wallpaper Updater

I’ve downloaded and installed Wallpaper Updater. How can I start working with it?
After installation you will see Settings window. You may start working from establishing basic settings on Local Disk tab. They are: Path (folder from which images are taken), Change Wallpaper Every Day or Week or Month or Windows startup, Random or Consecutive mode. After choosing proper values, you should press OK and your settings will be applied. Change Now! button will change your wallpaper immediately according to your settings.
How does black list work?
Black list allows to manage images which you don’t want to show as wallpapers. You can simply add current image to black list from main Settings window. Black list window allows you to see all these images, add new one, delete selected image from the list or clear whole list. Please note: putting image to black list doesn’t delete it from local drive or from Picasa Web Album.
Please explain what the option Change When Period Starts means?
When it is checked, the program will change wallpaper at the beginning of new time period - day, week or month. This may be convenient if you want to have new wallpaper each morning or want to use Wallpaper Updater as calendar and see new wallpaper each month.
Please explain what the option Fit to Screen Size means?
If you check this option, Wallpaper Updater will process images in such a way they will be occupying all desktop space without distortions.
How can I work with images which are stored in Picasa Web albums?
You should go to Picasa Web Albums tab and check the option Use Picasa Web Albums. Then press Authorize button and enter credentials for access to your images. After that you will see the list of all Web Albums you are authorized to work with. Check the albums you would like to work with and the images from these albums will be displayed as wallpapers. All other settings are exactly the same as for local folders.
Can I use simultaneously images from local drives and images from Picasa Web?
Yes. If you check Use Picasa Web Albums check box on Picasa Web Albums tab, then Wallpaper Updater will try to set an image from Picasa Web Albums first. If Picasa is unavailable for some reason (for instance, there is no internet connection) then local image will be used according to the settings from Local Disk tab.
I don’t like wallpaper selected by Wallpaper Updater. How can I change it?
The fastest way is to use Change Now! menu item available from desktop context menu. Or you can open Wallpaper Updater Settings (from Start menu or desktop context menu) and change wallpaper from there.
When I should choose Random mode and when - Consecutive?
If you select Random mode, new wallpaper will be selected from given folder randomly each time. If you select Consecutive mode, wallpapers will be selected one by one. From our point of view Random mode works better for folders or Picasa Web Albums with large number of images.
I would like to know what image was set as wallpaper by Wallpaper Updater. How can I do it?
Image set by Wallpaper Updater is displayed in Current Wallpaper section. If you click on it, the folder containing this image will be opened in explorer window with the current image highlighted. For Picasa Web Albums current image will be opened in browser.
I don’t want Wallpaper Updater to install too small images as wallpapers. How can I set such an option?
You can use Additional Filters option. There you can set minimal size of images fitting your screen. In this case smaller images will be just ignored.